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Maker’s Lab

What is a Maker’s Lab?

It is a space where you get together to build things. You will find different kinds of materials one would need to build a prototype for an idea. A Maker’s Lab is an amalgamation of science, art, design, robotics and free-spirit.

Which students use Maker’s Lab?

Maker’s Lab is a part of the curriculum at GGIS from Grade 1 onwards. It inculcates a spirit of exploration in the students.

What is the purpose of Maker’s Lab?

The primary purpose is to develop a culture of making in our students. When one is able to creatively channelise one’s energies into making and tweaking, it diminishes any destructive activities. Students then are involved in creating rather than complaining. They shall start to see opportunities in ​difficulties. And that would mean a lifetime of learning.

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