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Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation(CCE):

I.D.S. K.G. School(Mau) employs Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation(CCE) as its evaluation scheme to map the progress of its goals in childrens. CCE is a functional and reliable system of School-Based Evaluation, introduced by CBSE. The CCE Scheme provides a holistic assessment of a learner which also includes co-scholastic area of life Skills, attitudes and values, sports & games as well as Co-Curricular activities.

A number of National Committees and Commissions in the past have consistently made recommendations regarding reducing emphasis on external examination and encouraging internal assessment through School-Based Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation.

Thereof, I.D.S. employs CCE as its evaluation process which in turn brings about a paradigm shift from examination to effective pedagogy helping in attaining a Complete-Growth of its scholars rather only academic.

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