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How Students Learn

At I.D.S. learning is embedded in real life. A student’s knowledge is linked from known to unknown and wonder and excitement never leave our classroom. Through three main pathways- Language, Math and Programs of Inquiry, our students explore the complex world to grow up to be responsible citizens.

Innovative atmosphere — Enhanced learning

We're proud to run some of the very best programmes in the country; our teachers and principals, however, don't like to rest on their laurels.

We are always looking to find new and creative ways to stimulate learning and continually striving to improve the way we teach. Our emphasis on enquiry-based approaches, both within and beyond traditional learning environments, means we're quick to implement new technologies wherever we believe they will be beneficial; we are looking to develop well-rounded students with 21st century skills who are ready for an increasingly globalised world.

We benefit from best-practice teaching methods shared by professional educators all over the country as well the world but some of our freshest ideas come from listening to our students and their families. We make it our business to pass on what we learn to others because our ultimate goal is to provide an exceptional education to as many as possible

Language Program

Language forms the core of all learning at I.D.S. Kindergarten school. We strongly believe that students who have a good command over language tend to do better in all other academic as well as non academic areas. Our language program is mapped to Cambridge Primary curriculum and it aims to enable learners to communicate confidently and effectively. It also helps them develop critical skills in order to respond to a range of information, media and texts with enjoyment and understanding. Learners who follow this framework will develop a first-language competency in English based on a curriculum designed to be successful in any culture.

Math Program

Math program widely covers the logical thinking abilities. Math at I.D.S. is not just about numbers or being able to add or subtract. It is about developing techniques and skills for the application of mathematical principles. We use the specially designed & formatted published textbooks that are aligned to the Cambridge Primary Math curriculum and our students develop not just a keen understanding of the concept but a love for the subject. Various strands of Math like numbers, number sense, data handling, geometry and measurements are all underpinned with Problem Solving techniques. Students following this framework develop a deeper understanding of patterns, systems, functions and relationships and can apply their mathematical knowledge for a holistic learning. With numerous learning resources and manipulatives at hand, students rarely have to imagine Math. They see it, feel it and hence love it.

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