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IDS Kindergarten School(Mau), is a new age, digitally advanced co-ed school located in the very heart of city — Mau(Uttarpradesh) offering CBSE curriculum and runs classes from Preschool to Primary standard(Playgroup-5th).

Welcome to Indrasani Devi Sankar Kindergarten School(I.D.S.), a space for unbridled growth and nurturing of young talent and genius. The school is promoted by the Indrasani Devi Sankar Educational Trust whose core interest is upliftment of education. The trust believes in making world class education ​available to India and is a strong proponent of use of digital means to enhance learning.

Indrasani Devi Sankar Kindergarten is located in serene environment within the very heart of Mau city. The location being centric in nature facilitates the accessibility to the parents/guardians & students from within the city as well as the surrounding areas. It has a huge campus and a state of the art building with ample open space for students to experience childhood. Look up our Infrastructure and Facilities to know more about our campus.

I.D.S. is run by educationists who strongly believe in the fact that a good education is the best gift you can give to a child. Two people who have influenced the GGIS culture highly are Sir Ken Robinson and Gijubhai Badheka.

Sir Ken Robinson famous for his TED talk on How schools kill creativity is a world renowned speaker who challenges the way our schools work and proposes to align the schools to the real Element of human nature.

Gijubhai Badheka ​was an educationist who helped to introduce Montessori education methods to India. Gijubhai published a number of works in the field of education, the most prominent of those being- Divaswapna (“Daydreams”). Divaswapna, fictional story of a teacher, is a mandatory read for all teachers at IDS. We have long and insightful conversations around what it truly means to be a teacher.

Influenced by such great minds, GGIS nurtures its students to blossom into their best.

Learning at Indrasani Devi Sankar Kindergarten is grounded in real life and is always reflective of the world around us. Through our Language, Math and Inquiry programs, the students gather skills and knowledge necessary to build a better future. We ​do not teach in order to test and neither do our students learn only for grades.

IDS is a digitally advanced school with students making use of technology not just to learn but also to share their learning. The digitisation includes SmartClasses, Google Educational tools, Educational aids-tools-videos from around the world via net, an mini auditorium.

We have also moved ahead with joining the UNESCO – Samsung partnership to advance education programme.

We welcome you to join the I.D.S. family and give your child the best when it comes to an integrated, holistic and empowering learning experience.

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To apply for a job at I.D.S. please contact directly at the school premises. Meanwhile for any queries you can contact us at:

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